House Of The Scorpions Character Analysis

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In the story, “House of the Scorpions”, by Nancy Farmer, The main character is Matt, although he gets pushed around a lot by people. The main setting is Opium and Aztlan. In the beginning of the story, Matt is made as a clone in a Lab. The main problem/Conflict we find in the story is that people don’t find Matt to be a person. They think he is a beast because he is a clone of El Patron, also known as the druglord. The solution is that Matt wants to go to opium and fix it. He also wants to go and find and free the eejits. The judgement I want to make is that I think Tam Lin was a good person and meant good in the world. One reason for this is, “If I could read and write, I would help you become smarter Laddy.” Another reason why Tam Lin is a good guy is when He takes him out to the field and wants to have fun and talk to Matt about some things. The last reason why I think Tam Lin was a good guy is that he cared for Matt when other people like El Patron didn’t want anything to do with him. That’s why I think Tam Lin is a great guy and meant to bring no harm to the world. I think of the book was going to go on, I think Matt would risk himself to free all the eejits because he seems like he really wants them free. I think he would succeed then someone would find something to do with them. The most…show more content…
There is a kid in Wonder named Auggie, and he has disabilities and a weird face. He is pushed away just like Matt is in this book. Auggie goes to school and people don’t accept him because he is different from others. Matt is also pushed away because he is a, “Beast” even though he’s just the same as others. Matt and Auggie both are pushed away, and are not treated fairly. I can also make a connection to the world. If someone doesn’t think the same as someone else, they might be treated different for that. Everyone is free to have their own opinion, and your suppose to own that opinion. Not someone else that thinks it’s
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