House On Mango Street Esperanza Quotes

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Esperanza - is the protagonist her personality is very bratty.Her goal was to get abuelita to the camp.

Tio Luiz- is the antagonist he was very greedy and jealous his goal was to marry mama and send Esperanza to boarding school

Mama -is personality is very kind and sweet.her goal was for Esperanza to have everything she wanted.

Miguel- personality is very calm and gentle.His goal was to make his life better.

Abuelita-personality is wise and corsages.Her goal was to make her family come together better grandmother.

Esperanza rising is the name of the book. The author of the book is Pam Munoz Ryan.The particular time and place is important because it was a lot of segregation it’s in Mexico and it’s very small certain people could go in store only rich people could go in stores only
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He said “you will regret your decision.Then he got mad because all he wanted was the land.Where he can be in control. The Esperanza’s house burned down. Esperanza and her mom and Miguel's family moved to a camp in Los Angeles . Abuelita stayed behind because her ankle messed up from getting out the house.This is internal. Because of the conflicts Esperanza and her uncle.It's just between them. Esperanza wins because Tio Luiz stopped bothering them.Esperanza and her mother said it was better to flea. Abuelita was not in California and start a new life in America. Esperanza thought it was going to be like it was going to be like mexico but it turned out they held to live in tiny houses they had to work for money. Some unanswered questions are how did their house burn down? Did they like new life? The reaction changes are that Esperanza Esperanza is grateful for what she gets now.Now she still wants the nicest things but she knows it’s too much. So she just settles with what she gets. Now she grateful and not a
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