House On Mango Street Essay

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The short story house on mango street contains portrays told by Esperanza, the main act in the novel. She tells stories about her surroundings, family and gives us an insight into her dreams and goals. Esperanza has to deal with a lot racism and poverty which is ruling in the community they are staying in. The illustrations of the story show different sides of Esperanza and how she uncovers different things and the kind of adjustment she went through during her stay in Mango street. The story starts when the family of Esperanza relocates to a new house located on Mango street. Esperanza has dreams of staying in a good house and is not gratified with the house they moved into on Mango st. Before they moved, they used to live in Chicago, an impoverished neighborhood. The house in Chicago was dirty and very tiny. Esperanza feels ashamed of the structure and setting of her home and is not comfortable with the way the house looks. Esperanza also has concerns with…show more content…
Due to the nature of the neighborhood, she witnessed acts of sexual assault from the opposite sex and this led her to change her priorities of the way she felt about the opposite sex as all who are in relationships are not happy. She narrates the structure of the houses in Mango street because they determined her character. The way she sees herself and how poverty was a big effort on her life all have their origin or source in Mango street. Esperanza expresses pity with the types of house she lives in and wants to leave but towards the end of the story, she conveys her obligation to return to Mango street and assist those who didn’t get lucky and blessed just like she was. In conclusion, the house on Mango street portrays the theme for the fight for identity and defining self. It shows the challenges that the marginalized face and the scuffle they go through to acquire
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