House On Mango Street Essay Questions

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1. What foreshadowing did the rose that Esperanza cut her finger on represent? a. This was a great question to ask my group. First off, we were able to talk about superstitions. My group talked about the superstition of the rose thorn and the ones that we believed in. I brought up how I was afraid of stepping on handicap signs because it meant bad luck. Others thought breaking glass or stepping under a ladder was bad luck. It was fun and interesting to share. Second, we talked about Esperanza’s father’s death. The thorn of the rose foreshadows the death of Sixto. 2. How would you feel if you had to move to a different country and leave your whole life behind? a. Thinking about this question made me sad. I really felt bad for Esperanza. She…show more content…
I really enjoyed asking this question because my group was able to look back into the story. We were able to talk about Esperanza’s father was such a generous man to Miguel and his family. We also made a tangent to how Miguel was like Sixto’s son that he’d never had. This question opened up the door to the character of Esperanza’s father and how it still played a part in the characters’’ lives. 4. Should Isabel given up so easily on being Queen of the May? a. This question brought up a significant discussion on the issue of racism entailed in the book. We all had agreed that we had felt bad about how poorly Mexican-Americans were treated at this time. One of my group mates brought up how this would be an informative book to bring up how discrimination is immoral Overall, I really want to thank you for having us do this assignment. It was so fun to be able to take forty-five minutes to an hour to just read. I wish more teachers appreciated novels and the potential impact that they have on their students’ cognitive mindset. This book is definitely one that I will be using in my class. In fact, I have already suggested it to a Mexican-American student in my class who loves historical fiction. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to read this informative and entertaining book for an
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