House On Mango Street Gender

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Esperanza is the ideal example of impotent female 's and their gender role in human society in the days before the Chicano Movement. Throughout the book, we come to read about vulnerable females that never had the chance to become someone of great importance or value. Esperanza wants to break that cycle and vouches to one day leave the neighborhood that deprived her of so many things that little girls her age only dream of. Esperanza goes through the troubles and tribulations of living in the barrio, surrounded by poverty, teen mom 's and the shattered dreams of females before the Chicano Movement of the 1960s. A movement were a large number of women gained power by finding their voice and speaking out. We come to read about at least a dozen females that live on Mango St. Almost everyone of them is in someway hopeless or dreams about one day leaving the barrio. The…show more content…
The older women in the neighborhood, including Esperanza 's mother are very religious and believe that praying is the answer to all of their problems. But, other women in the neighborhood rely on other traditional taboo 's. Taboo 's that have been passed down from generation to generation. All the different stories that Mango provides, are seen through the eyes of Esperanza. So in some way, Esperanza represents all the women of Mango Street. And thought, the neighborhood did rob her of her innocence, it also provided her with the knowledge that makes her street smart. It provided her with the will to want to strive for a better future. A future that she can be proud of. In the end, Esperanza is young and has hopes of one day leaving the house on Mango St. She has hopes of changing the same narrative that to many Chicanas fall victim 's too. Esperanza has hopes of becoming someone of significance. Someone who can later contribute a positive outlook to thousand 's of Chicanas from the barrio, who feel like it 's hopeless. Until then, Esperanza must continue collecting stories in that sad red house, on
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