House On Mango Street Identity Theme

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All the themes can be developed and how the authors develop into deeper meaning to the story. Gender, Innocence, The home, etc. are all developed differently and in their unique styles of the story. The theme that I'm picking because I feel strong enough to give the explanation is "Identity". Identity is a great example of the theme of the story because it shows who are the characters if the story. Even though identity is complex; it gives the author good development of Identity and how it can be executed. The first quote that gives the author's explanation of identity is a description of Esperanza and her family's hair on the 6th page. "My Papa's hair is like a broom, all up in the air. And me, my hair is lazy. It never obeys barrettes or bands. Carlos' hair is thick and straight. He doesn't need to comb it. Nenny's hair is slippery-slide out of your hand. And Kiki, who is the youngest, has hair like fur..." (Cisneros 6). The…show more content…
In Spanish, it means to many letters. It means sadness, it means waiting. It is like the number nine. A muddy color..."(Cisneros 10). The explanation of this quote is when Esperanza is describing her name into what it means. The author's theme is developed by something in groups (the second paragraph) to only one person and give a deeper meaning of that person of who he/she is. The third quote that gives the author's explanation of identity is a vignette of Esperanza's house. " Not a flat. Not an apartment in the back. Not a man's house. Not a Daddy's. A house of all my own."(Cisneros 108). The explanation of this quote is how it shows who is Esperanza or all the other characters and what is the decisions that they're making. The author developed the theme by showing the meaning of the name of Esperanza but transfers it into a successful person from her
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