House On Mango Street Monologue

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I walk down the corridor with a knife in my hand as I search for Ivan thinking about that quote. I wonder if “They” were ever in my situation or liked the beginning of their new life. With uncertainty, I open the door to the dining room where Zeroff lead me when we first met. The room was empty and clean with new tablecloth and tableware is was magnificent. I search for any signs of movement, walking carefully with trembling hands. After two hours of searching, I found Ivan bleeding by the dog cages. I look down at him, seeing the pain in his eyes not being able to look away. It is when I call his name he look at me, his eyes plead for mercy, and I bend down and cover his nose and mouth with my hand. Ivan doesn 't struggle just looks at me with no emotion. I…show more content…
Whitney? “Whitney...Is that you?” I turn around frantically looking or any sign of him and then I see him “Whitney!!!”. I ran up to him with a tight one-arm warm embrace. Then he pulled back, I felt my face tugged down a little. “Rainford...Why?” I looked down and saw it. I stabbed Whitney in the stomach just like that maid. I quickly pulled the knife out and laid him down. I threw the knife away and tried to stop the bleeding. “Rainford...Stop. Why-why did you change?” his voice was low and soft. “I became the hunted…” I looked down at him, unable to look into his eyes just looking at the blood stain sand, then said the words I’ve been holding back for years. “I love you Whitney...” I looked up and saw the stillness in his eyes and saw the last breath float away. Whitney was dead and I killed him. “Rainford? You kill that man. You knew that man, you loved him, and you killed him.”I teared my eyes away from Whitney’s cold body and looked at Anastasia. I saw her holding the knife and I smiled grimly “Do it. Kill me” I saw the wheels turning in her head. She wanted to she wanted to kill me and I wanted her
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