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Mason McCabe Period 1 Mango Street Essay Thingy On the topic of ‘gender’ in relation to House on Mango Street (by Sandra Cisneros) is quite the fiery one, as Esperanza, along with other women in the book, faces the problems of sexism-related depravity quite a few times. In ‘My Name’, pg. 10-11, Esperanza talked about how her great grandmother was kidnapped and forced to marry her grandfather, having her whole life shut down in the process. She mentioned that she ‘doesn’t want to inherit her place at the window’, because her great grandmother looked out of the window of their house sadly for the rest of her life. Esperanza wonders if she made the best with what she had, or if she was just sad she never got to lead her life like how she wanted. When Esperanza and her friends get the high heels from the family in ‘The Family of Little Feet’, pg. 39, she and her friends see the world in a whole new light. A shop owner tells the girls the shoes they are wearing are dangerous, and that soon becomes evident as a boy catcalls them, and then a hobo attempts to kiss one of the girls in exchange for a dollar. As soon as they get home, the shoes are thrown out, but they don’t seem to mind due to the implications said shoes brought along with them.…show more content…
In ‘The First Job’, pg. 53, Esperanza gets tricked by an old man to give her a kiss, and in ‘Red Clowns’, she even gets raped when her friend Sally abandons her at the carnival. But it’s not all about her as I said before, because ironically in ‘What Sally Said,”, pg. 92, Esperanza muses about how Sally was beaten by her father for petty things like talking with a boy, because he believed she would run away like his sisters did, showing that she isn’t the only one who has to put up with the abuse of the
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