House On Mango Street Sally Character Analysis

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Sally and Esperanza were not originally friends. It took Esperanza’s desire for boys to seek out and befriend Sally. Sally is the typical girl whom all boys find desirable. She is described as “beautiful and cruel.” Sally is a really unique character because instead of dreaming the escape of the neighborhood she finds her safety and comfort through sex. However Sally’s father claims her to be “trouble.” Every time her father caught her looking at guys he would beat her. It’s obvious in The House on Mango Street that Esperanza is often uncomfortable around Sally. This awkwardness grows and eventually it puts Esperanza in extreme danger. From this friendship, Esperanza realizes that she tried to “mature too quickly.” Near the end of the story Esperanza’s view of Sally dramatically changes from envying her to now feeling pity for her. It appears as if Sally is just a foil or mold for Esperanza to realize who she really is.…show more content…
She didn’t share the same interests of fleeing and running away from the neighborhood. Instead she felt that she needed to first make herself a better life. By working hard at school, she believes that her hard work and success would lead her out of the neighborhood. All Alicia really wants is a better life than her mother had. She is a role model and a good friend to Esperanza, Esperanza confides her feelings of “un-belongingness” to her and teaches Esperanza that she has a responsibility to her home and her
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