House On Mango Street Theme Essay

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The story The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is a story representing a substantial amount of themes to represent copious different ideas. The main character is a girl named Esperanza coming of age and she often describes herself and her street in vivid details. Throughout the story, Esperanza goes through numerous different perspective altering events throughout the story that shape her as a person through the themes and ideas that vary from chapter to chapter. A main idea from the vignette Rice Sandwich is about the experience of shame along with how it changed her outlook on the ways of the world along with the natural order that wealth brings. This vignette is about Esperanza’s desire to be able to accomplish something that the…show more content…
To be able to have this privilege she was required to bring her own sack lunch from home so she could join the people she wanted to be able to fit in with and also feel important. Due to wanting to feel more important Esperanza chose to make a quite substantial deal about wanting to eat lunch at school while ordinarily she would have to trek back home to eat. For example “Okay, Okay, my mother says after three days of this.. The following morning I get to go to school with my mother’s letter and a rice sandwich.”(Cisneros 44). This displays that Esperanza spent days begging her Mother to allow her to have this privilege and give it a…show more content…
Upon arriving at the lunch with her homemade sandwich and a note she was brought into the administrator’s office and yelled at. During the confrontation Esperanza was embarrassed and ashamed to the point of tears due to the poor handling of the encounter. This is a portrayal of how authority figures can inadvertently turn something into a fiasco for others depending on how they decide to deal with an issue. They can either shut down the situation maturely or they can degrade the person(s) and make it a shameful experience that could alter the personality of the body in
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