Personal Narrative: The House On 3rd Street

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I love everything about Halloween... the costumes,the candy and especially the scary stories, one story in particulate gets me its called ''The House on 3rd Street'' Its about a haunted house and a normal family,or they were normal before they moved in,so let me stop and start the story. On November 1,2003 the Jackson's moved in, the family consists of David Jackson,Karen Jackson and the kids, Caden the youngest and only son, Katie the middle child and Amanda the oldest.They really liked the house and they knew about the stories but they didn't care, it had everything they needed.They first year was great they loved their house, and even on Christmas they got a puppy, Spot but everything changed on Halloween…show more content…
Latter that night David cleaned the kitchen while Karen was up stares trying to get Caden asleep.The next morning when all the kids woke up Karen and David told Katie and Amanda and all the kids instead that they barred the bones in memory of Spot. latter that night everyone was really shooken up about what happened and Karen was worried that the killer would come back for one of the children. A week before Halloween Karen brought the kids to school a nice old women down the street talked to her when she got back home. The old women warned her saying that the killer will come back for blood every Halloween until the house in empty so the cycle can happen all over again. Karen payed no attention to the women and just went on with her…show more content…
After everyone was asleep David went downstairs to just watch TV and drink a beer. Then the killer came back and put a chain saw through the couch and down his body leaving him dead cold until morning when Karen and the kids found him.Karen hurried and called 911 and the ambulance come and took Davids body, crying Karen then ran down the street to the old women and asked her what happened, but the old women was asleep, but the old women had a grand daughter, so Karen talked to her and the grand daughter told her the same thing that the killer will keep killing the family on by one until they are all dead so the cycle will start over. Karen told the little girl thanks and ran home to her
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