Housekeeping Narrative Report

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got our travel documents saying the office will assist us in getting SS Number and State ID.
16. After one week of staying in our apartment, we started training and orientation at the Intercontinental Hotel. During the training, the facilitator informed us on some company policies and administrative matters. Late, he gets us oriented on the hotel facilities and services. Afterwards, actual training on housekeeping works followed and we started working the next day. I worked as a housekeeper where I helped in maintaining the cleanliness of guest rooms and other areas in the hotel. I changed dirty linens, make beds and replace supplies for each room if necessary. I also clean bathrooms and glass panels in the hotel.

17. On around January 16, 2008, the a staff of GB Capital returned our travel documents, and had us sign the housing contract where all of us eight who remained in the
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We have asked the supervisor of Seasonal Concepts Stacy Clifton when we could have full time and overtime work. She just told us to be patient and wait a little more time, that maybe there would be fulltime and overtime in the coming weeks. Instead, the management further reduce our working hours in the months that followed, and we were forced to do more tasks within the regular working hours. There were times our supervisors would be mad if we failed to finish the goal on time, and most of the times I found it difficult to meet the quota for each day and made me physically exhausted at the end of my duty.

22. With the unfulfilled employment promises such as free housing and plenty of overtime work, I earned very little as compared to the computation presented to me when I was applying for the job. As a result, my parents were not able to my loan. The amounts that I could send to them were almost not enough to cover the basic needs, especially during winter season. My parents began to incur more loans or the expenses of my daughters’

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