Housekeeping Service And Housekeeping

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Housekeeping is very popular for long time. It is important thing in the hotel operations and management. It is mostly the main reason after what people choose hotels .Luxury hotels are very clean thanks to housekeeping. Housekeeping it is quite difficult work. You need to clean the rooms for a certain and you must finish in time that is difficult, then this room must be checked. Everything must be clean: all towel must be at the room, soap and other different things that the hotel provide. Housekeeping service - perhaps the most important in the hotel, and certainly is the largest. Only this service who’s unites maids, gardeners, porters, lifters, staff facilities. Cleaning rooms and public areas, laundry of towels and sheets, supply and replacement of perfume and cosmetic accessories - all this and much more is in the hands of the housekeeping service. This service literally strive to make the hotel a home for every guest, and the professionalism of it is employees directly depends on the mood of the guest. First of all people do not pay attention to the carpets or elevators with ladders, namely on clean rooms of this hotel. But it needs a lot of strength for organization of housekeeping, a professional approach to the organization of work, work plan, the order of control. Large volume of work requires coordination tasks and activities with other departments hotel reception guests, engineering, restaurant, room service, as well as the sales department, accounting,

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