Housewife No Longer A Dirty Word Analysis

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In “Housewife No Longer a Dirty Word”, Lucy Cavendish speaks up about how women are able to pursue anything they want in their life, whether it is to have a full-time job or to be a stay at home mom. Cavendish states that working hard, being successful and beating men at their own game has gotten boring and there is more to life than sitting behind a desk all day. Women now have the choice of being a housewife and are no longer frowned upon by the society: however; when Cavendish explained to her friends about drastically changing her life from London city to the country lifestyle they "cried" for her. Yet, as the years treaded on Cavendish found herself surrounded by housewives including her female friends. Growing up, Cavendish had a stay at home mom who engaged her in literature, art, history and architecture. Her mother wanted to be an artist in the city of London, but her father, Lucy's grandfather, did not allow her he said "nice girls don't go to art schools". Cavendish mentions her mother's unhappiness and the dullness of being a housewife. The literature…show more content…
Yet all of Cavendish friends who transformed into housewives, even after they disagreed with her choice in the beginning, felt as though they have fulfilled their lives and now it is time to give attention, support and love to their family and home. Personally I only know of one housewife and she seems to be the happiest person on the planet. While my mother and aunt, for example, are always stressed out about work and take it out on their children and sometimes even the people that surround them. At the end of the day one cannot simply quit their career and decide to stay at home if they have no financial support from a husband or even their own savings, but if money is not an issue being a housewife sounds like an ideal
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