Housing Choice Voucher Case Study

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Welcome, Mid Missouri Public Housing Agency (MMPHA) welcomes you and your family will be as participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program “Section 8”. We hope that your family will be happy during your association with our agency. The Section 8 Housing Choice voucher program is a free-choice approach to assisted housing. The family may choose to rent anywhere in the private rental market, as long as it meets certain requirements for the eligible housing types, rent limits, rent reasonableness and Housing Quality Standards (HQS). The landlord retains private property rights, including management, tenant selection and maintenance. Once an individual or family receives a voucher, they will have 60 days to select suitable housing that…show more content…
MMPHA will inspect it to make sure that it is decent, safe, and sanitary. MMPHA will determine if the rent is reasonable and within the amount allowed by HUD. The individual or family will sign a lease with the landlord. The landlord will sign a Housing Assistance Payment contract (HAP) with MMPHA, which states the subsidy amount due from MMPHA. Both the lease and the HAP contract will list the names of all family members approved to live in your unit. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) determines the rules and regulations for the Section 8 Program, and also provides the funding. MMPHA strictly enforces HUD program rules and regulations. This program is federally funded; the number of vouchers and the amount of assistance available will depend upon the level of funding provided by HUD. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program provides rental payment subsidy on behalf of an eligible client. The client (tenant) is responsible for the tenant portion of rent. You will pay this to the landlord. MMPHA pays the subsidy amount directly to the landlord. The landlord/manager has certain responsibilities, which are established through federal program

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