Housing Finance Literature Review

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Housing Finance System: Crucial Perspective Mr. Ch. Hari Govinda Rao1, Dr. N. Apparao2 1(Research scholar, Department of Management Studies, Vignan 's Institute of Information Technology, India) 2(Department of Management Studies, JNTUK University, India) Abstract: House is a centre and domestic device for mankind 's moral and substance development ever since the dawn of civilisation. Housing is one of the most important that we human beings need. Adequate housing is essential for human survival with dignity. There are many things that we would find difficult, if not impossible to do without good-quality housing. Housing shortage is a universal phenomenon. It is more acute in developing countries. The housing dimension in India has been…show more content…
Literature Review The issue of housing and housing finance has been receiving increasing attention over the recent decade in the extant literature. There have been many studies revised on various observations on this area, few of these namely; housing is an essential element of life for most human beings polarized by Naik (1981)2. According to J.P. Sah (2011)3, "housing is not a static but a growing problem and it was cited in Manorama Year Book (1997)4 as the modern concept of housing does not limit the idea of housing merely to the provision of shelter and it is an in an integral part of overall policy improvements of human settlements and economic development. Krishnamachari (1980)5, as stated in the preamble of the National Housing Policy, "shelter is a basic human need and as an intrinsic part of human settlement, is closely linked with the process of overall socio-economic development. Housing is an element of material culture, is one such devices to overcome threats against physical elements to lives and serves as an important purpose by making the provision of shelter and portrays that housing is as an important precursor of the national business cycle. In this view Some empirical exercises…show more content…
Owyang (2010)8, Despande (1975)9 and Rangwala (1977)10, Gopinath Rao (1988)11, Dr. C. Harichandran (1989)12 , Solanki (1989)13, highlighted the magnitude of the housing problem in our country is so heavy, that it will require considerable passage of time for the country to offer a sweet home to every family in our nation. Chacko (1989)14 was of the opinion that housing shortage in India in 1981 was 21 million units. In the beginning of the 7th five year plan in 1985, it was put as 24.7 million units. Madhav Rao et al. (1995)15 suggested a multifaceted housing difficulty like ours requires a concrete national attempt. Amin Y. Kamete (2011)16, opined that the housing problem has become synonymous with housing shortages. Erwin Mlecnik et al. (2010)17 studied about the barriers and opportunities for the further diffusion of labels for highly energyefficient houses. The Major subsidised housing projects in developing countries specified by Gonzalo Lizarralde (2011)18 Richard Harris and Ceinwen Giles (2003)19 have done tremendous work on identified three phases in the evolution of international housing policy since 1945: public housing (1945–1960s), sites-and-services (1972–1980s), and market enabling (1980s–present. In the opinion of Nickell and Dorsey (1976)20, the

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