Houston Community College Case Study

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It’s been almost a year since Houston Community College Chancellor Cesar Maldonado announced his plan for college transformation to faculty and staff.

The restructuring of the college’s academic department has been the most significant change.

“We had six different operating units running their own academic departments,” explained Dr. Maldonado in an interview, referring to how the system has been operating as six separate colleges—Central, Coleman, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest.

In phase one of the transformation, HCC has consolidated the leadership and the management. This allowed for more sharing of resources. Since last spring, instructors could teach at multiple HCC locations instead of just at one college. “We have
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The aim is to develop departmental strategies to make sure that students are taught “in a more uniform way across the system. It’s not going to be identical because instructors use different methods - different styles of teaching - but we’ll be shooting for the same goals.”

After spring break, HCC will start having a new face with a revamp of its communications and customer service.

Apps will be rolled out to help make make a student services more seamless for students and “far more accessible to students through mobile phones” including transferring from high school to college, changing majors, and registering for classes. Expect to see such apps in about a year from now.

“I’ve had a lot of complaints on the website,” admitted the chancellor, “I’m pretty tech savvy, and it’s hard for me to navigate.” HCC is seeking proposals from qualified firms to redesign the current HCC website.

A project committee is already in place to plan how HCCS.edu should look and work in the future. Student representatives will be added to the committee after the election of new Student Government Officers this
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