Houston Vs Lamar Essay

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Cierra Moreno Government 2306 Extra Credit A difference in policy Both Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar are known as former president’s of the Republic of Texas. They share many similarities, but mostly differ in policy towards Native American’s. For example, many of their differences have nothing to do with their views but of the way they act a certain way. Houston was known to be more extravagant in all that he did, he dressed really nice and had a frontier reputation. On the other hand Lamar was more kept to himself, he didn’t care to be a show off , he rather focus on more relaxing hobbies like reading poetry. Although they had many differences, they were both great leaders, who impacted Texas and left their own marks. Sam Houston…show more content…
If borrowing large amounts of money was what it took, Lamar was going to do so. Lamar’s approach of policy making can best be described as “ aggressive”, he revolted against the Mexican Government. His policy was to remove every Indian from Texas or kill them. He sent Chief Bowles to fight against the Cherokee, his approach was differed from Lamar’s in the fact that he didn’t negotiate with anyone and it was going to be his way or no way. He successfully accomplished this mission and the Cherokee were successfully moved to Oklahoma. Lamar’s relationship with the Comanchees was also different, he was not so happy when the Comanchees returned a 15 year old white girl known as Matilda Lockhart they tortured. The also torture and killed the Texans prisoners they had and started the Great Comanchee Raid of 1840. Lamar responded with the Battle of Plum Creek and succeeded in killing many warriors. Although both Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar’s visions differed in many ways. One cannot deny the contributions both men made towards Texas. Lamar’s aggressive approach helped the Republic through hard times and Houston’s timid approach added credibility to the new nation, which helped gain the annexation of Texas. They both were great leaders who helped Texas make its mark on the United States of America. Their great leadership and heroism portrayed should always be
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