Hoverboards Persuasive Essay

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Hoverboards are self-stabilized scooters without handlebars that are causing many issues. In “Walk or Pay”, Alejandro Alba tells how riding this new fad could cause you some trouble in New York. New Yorkers were first alerted about this law in a tweet by NYPD 26th Precinct. The tweet said hoverboards were illegal by code 19-176.2. This tweet was later removed because hoverboards do not follow either of the two key descriptions in this code. Later it was told to Daily News by an NYPD spokesman that hoverboards were illegal by New York traffic laws. The property that makes them illegal by these laws is they are motor vehicles that cannot be registered with the department of Motor Vehicles. Considering this one probably should not ride his hoverboard along a New York Street, but if someone is caught, he will be charged a two hundred dollars fine.
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Objects like these are what cause laziness and obesity in the United States. If we let these inventions of the future take over our lives and then our children’s, what will become of their minds? They will feel as though walking an important responsibility is not one of their responsibilities. Next I find it interesting that the first way people were informed about this new law is by social media. The usage of social anymore is not always beneficial. As in this case, it falsely portrayed why hoverboards were illegal. There are many other bad uses of social media such as bullying and technique for criminals to communicate. If we use social media incorrectly it can be damaging, but if we are careful it can be very useful.
One might wonder why hoverboards were banned. The reason why is they have started fires and have gone on rampages. These both probably could have been prevented if the direction were read properly and if people would have taken more
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