How Adolf Hitler Changed Germany Essay

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This is to tell how Adolf Hitler changed Germany, Jewish people, And how people look at Germans and Swastikas. Adolf Hitler was Austrian born in April 20, 1889. Hitler also wanted to rule the world under his and only his command. Adolf also changed Germany by Killing and going against jews. Hitler also changed the jewish religion by killing jews and making them look bad and also causing them to switch religions by causing fear into them. Hitler also changed how Germans and Swastikas are looked at because of all of WWII and Killing jews in many countries that were in Nazi or German control. Adolf Hitler made steps to change Germany and here are some ways. Why did Adolf Hitler make Jewish people non-citizens? The reason why he did not…show more content…
Hitler also affected the world and how Swastikas are judged. Adolf Hitler wanted the Country of Germany to be blond hair, blue eyed, and white because he liked the look and he believed that it made people stronger and that is how he wanted the future of humans to look. Hitler also took the freedom of many people and the lives of many, but he did not break them for they kept fighting for freedom or died. Adolf Hitler changed how Germans are looked upon for an example: people today will call Germans, Nazis or say that Germans can’t be trusted. Hitler also forced Nazis and Germans to fight for him even though they did not fight back and they did not want to fight anyone or die so they were filled with fear and fought for Adolf Hitler. The day Adolf Hitler’s reign was coming to an end American soldiers had him surrounded and had passed the thousands of dead bodies the best of the best privates, corporals, sergeants, lieutenants, commanders, and even generals dead either from the strength of America with some help or suicide because of fear of imprisonment, torture, or it was a direct order from the Führer. Then on that day April 30, 1945 the head snake himself Adolf Hitler not a copy or one of his fakes took his own life ten days after his birthday with a Walther PPK
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