How Adulthood Happens Summary

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The New York Times article How Adulthood Happens wrote by David Brooks, we the readers learn about the changes in the years of adulthood and how nowadays people are getting married older than they were about twenty to thirty years ago. Brooks used numerous examples to express how dependant the youth have become on our parents to care for us. For example, this quote. “Today’s young people expect to reach adulthood eventually, and they expect to enjoy their adult lives, but most are in no hurry to get there.” Tells us about how young adults are no longer aspiring to become something, they are trying to slow the process of aging and taking on responsibilities.

Brooks was able to find information, that I found, was rather captivating. The value of youth has become exaggerated significantly. So, rather than people sitting in their homes thinking to themselves, "I can 't wait until I am an adult and start a family " it has become "I wish I was 17 again." My question is, “Why did the lack of responsibilities
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Three-quarters of 18- to 25-year-olds who were not living at home received FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (Links to an external site.) from their parents. American parents provide an average of $38,000 in ASSISTANCE (Links to an external site.) to their young adult children” Tells us just how vulnerable a large percentage of kids are unprepared for adulthood. Now why are they so unqualified? Is it the school? The parents? Neither of these choices have any accountability to teach kids and young adults the rewards of accepting adulthood, but they should all set an example. Rather than the school taking away life-skill programs like Home Economics and woodworking, they should be encouraging kids and young adults to take these classes. Parents should also be encouraging their kids to desire to become more self-reliant post
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