Polution Of Air Pollution Essay

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include continuous cough and cold, attack of respiratory diseases, restlessness, and an adverse impact on productivity.
The permanent effects of air pollution include poor respiratory system, lung infection, tuberculosis, asthma, lung cancer, brain disorder, kidney disease, and viral infections.
Solution of Air Pollution
• More and more trees should be planted.
• Deforestation should be banned.
• Brick kilns and factories should be set up away from the habitats.
• Petrol should be used by removing the toxic substance like lead.
• Use of smokeless fuel such as cooking gas should be encouraged in homes.
• Filter should be put on the smoke generated from automatic vehicles etc.
• Apart from petrol, diesel, electricity, we should also use alternative
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According to these scientists, where the level of pollution is according to the standards set by the WHO, there is a high risk of death of people. The average annual level of PM2.5 particles, responsible for air pollution in Delhi and Patna is 120 microgram per cubic meter. It is 12 times more than the standards set by the WHO.
According to WHO, the average annual level of pollution should not exceed 10 microgram per cubic meter. Compared to China, pollution is rising faster in India. Another international report related to air pollution called 'State of Global Air 2017 ' said that in the year 2015 due to the loss of ozone layer, 254000 people died in India.
Ozone is the layer of environment that prevents harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. When there is loss of ozone layer, people get lung disease related diseases. According to this report, in 2015, 2.5 million people died in India due to lung diseases.
Lakhs of people are being killed every year in India due to the loss of ozone layer. This figure of death is 13 times higher than Bangladesh and 21 times more than Pakistan. In case of air pollution, the air is much clearer in Bangladesh and Pakistan than in

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