How Air Pollution Affects Human Life

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include continuous cough and cold, attack of respiratory diseases, restlessness, and an adverse impact on productivity.
The permanent effects of air pollution include poor respiratory system, lung infection, tuberculosis, asthma, lung cancer, brain disorder, kidney disease, and viral infections.
Solution of Air Pollution
• More and more trees should be planted.
• Deforestation should be banned.
• Brick kilns and factories should be set up away from the habitats.
• Petrol should be used by removing the toxic substance like lead.
• Use of smokeless fuel such as cooking gas should be encouraged in homes.
• Filter should be put on the smoke generated from automatic vehicles etc.
• Apart from petrol, diesel, electricity, we should also use alternative sources of energy such as solar energy and wind power
• We should keep the smoke generated in homes, factories within limits.
• We should not burn garbage, put it in a fixed place and dispose it off after treatment.
• We should use using flowing drains, or spittoon to spit.
• We should also refrain from burning firecrackers.

Impact of Air Pollution on Antibiotics
With the increase in the capacity of bacteria from air pollution, antibiotics given in the treatment of respiratory infections prove ineffective. This has been revealed in a recent research. According to Julie Morris, the Associate Professor of Leicester University in the UK, research has helped us to understand how air pollution affects human life. Morris said, this
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