How Alcohol Is Affecting Society

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Alcohol is affecting your health Alcohol is dramatically changing and shaping society. Did you know that adults in Scotland drink on average 10.1 units of per alcohol per week? More and more adults and a worrying number of young people are buying and consuming alcohol for pleasure or relief from a stressful day at work or family problems. Most people don’t realise that alcohol is having negative effects on society creating many health problems. These problems may well include an increase in people experiencing diabetes and cancer, particularly bowel cancer. The Scottish Government have introduced guidelines to educate the public and pupils at schools as part of the curriculum about alcohol and the negative effect it has on our bodies and the…show more content…
When alcohol is consumed before going to bed the body goes straight into a deep sleep, missing out on the first stage called ‘rapid eye movement sleep’. In the course of a night the body usually goes through six to seven cycles of this, leaving you feeling refreshed. Alcohol changes this, causing the body to experience one or two cycles leading to the feeling of exhaustion when waking up. With the average drinker in the UK having 15.5 units of alcohol per week which is equivalent to seven bottles of beer, the number of people exposed to the risk of developing this condition is huge. This condition in turn can lead to impaired attention, concentration and depression. This impaired concentration affects you driving with the amount of drunk driving incidents in the UK leading to 33,000 deaths per year. These deaths could be reduced dramatically if people were to comply with the drink and drive limit. People who drink and drive are inconsiderate, insensitive and simpleminded. They should think of the danger they are putting other people at and the consequences they could cause on the victim’s
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