How Alexander Hamilton Showed Intellect

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“I think the first duty of society is justice.” -Alexander Hamilton (Brainy . Alexander was not only a brave man he was loyal and smart. He was in the army during the American Revolution. He wrote papers for the press. Alex was always a smart kid he was a good reader and a good at math when he was young he worked as a merchant. The first paragraph in this essay will show how Alexander showed intellect. ALexander Hamilton showed intellect from a very young age to the day he died at the age of 47. As Laura Scanlan wrote “A lot of Alexander’s mathematical smarts came from working as a clerk at a meat market. A couple years later he got named the man in charge of a chartering boat.” This shows ingenuity and intellect because someone…show more content…
History also wrote “After Serving under Washington for four years Hamilton resigned in Febuary 1781 after a dispute with the general, but he remained in the Army.” This shows loyalty because even though Alexander got into a fight with the general he still stayed in the continental Army Alexander Wanted what was good for the cause of America. He tried to end most slavery and protect the now unslaved slaves. Hamilton stayed loyal to his fellow Americans that he fought within the war and battles, Alexander never was a trader it wasn’t in his personality. He was also a extremely smart man he wrote lots of papers and worked in different organizations. He even stayed in the army when George and and him got into a little disagreement and resigned, ALexander just went to serve in a different part of the Army. He never ever gave up on trying to gain freedom for America. He created a financial base for the Americans when he became Secretary of Treasury. He also kept trying his best to get Aaron Burr out of the election for governors, Aaron Challenged Hamilton to a duel and shot him. Alexander died the next day at the age of 47 years old. Would you die for your
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