How Alexander Pope Reflect Heroic Couplets In 18. T Century Poetry

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USİNG OF TRADİTİONAL FORMS IN EİGHTEENTH CENTURY POETRY: REFLECTİNG OF HEROİC COUPLETS BY ALEXANDER POPE In this paper we shall examine how Alexander Pope reflect heroic couplets in century poetry. Alexander Pope is one of the most important poet, translator and satirist, is expert of writing heroic couplet. Heroic couplet is traditional form of English literature and is wrote with iambic pentameter. It is generally agreed today that is origin is unknown but Geoffery Chaucer first user of heroic couplets in English literature and it reaches to perfection with John Dryden’s and Alexander Pope’s works. Both being genious and determined are unignorable advantages for Pope to handle heroic couplets pulchritudinously. As a matter of fact he is talented in using words. It can be said that artistry is not related to only emotions but also wisdom, and Alexander Pope becomes famous by virtue of his wit and humor. Pope suffers from tuberculosis since he was at his twelve age. This long disease deforms his physical appearance and his personal character wears off. Disease’s results can seem scary and pathetic at first view however, it is Pope’s whole life and it strengthen his literary sense, if persfective is changed against to ilness. Actually, Pope becomes complaning person but he strives to get rid of it and ilness makes him the greatest satirist at the and. He writes “Essay on Criticism” in heroic couplets that consist of two rhyming lines. “Essay on Criticism”

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