How Alzheimer's Affects The Brain

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About four months ago I could say I did not know much about Alzheimer 's. That was until I started watching my now favorite TV show “Grey 's Anatomy.” The main character Meredith her mother was suffering from this disease, I became fascinated with how the disease works, what the symptoms are, if there 's a treatment, and most importantly could I get it. Safe to say my genetic test came back negative for the genetic mutation YAY! In this paper I will go over common symptoms, how the disease progresses, compare a normal brain to a brain with Alzheimer 's, clinical trials, care-giving, and many more things doctors have figured out about this deadly disease. For many forgetfulness is almost always blamed to stress, or old age not many think Alzheimer…show more content…
Alzheimer 's a form of Dementia is often misdiagnosed and confusing for patients, families, and caregivers. The two have some similarities they both affect the brain but in different areas and doctors still do not know much about either disease. Dementia affects the communication and the performance of day-to-day activities. Alzheimer 's affects the part that controls thoughts, memories, and language. When someone is diagnosed with dementia are often being diagnosed for a set of symptoms they are experiencing. An example the Alzheimer 's Association gives is someone suffering from a sore throat. The reason for the sore throat is unknown, but it could be due to strep throat, allergies, or just a little cold. The same thing applies to Dementia and Alzheimer 's the symptoms are there but the cause is unknown. Alzheimer 's: progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. It is the most common cause of premature senility. 1906 Alois Alzheimer first recognized the disease. Alois Alzheimer born in 1864 in Bavaria, South Germany. Dr. Alois was credited for discovering the disease after a women patient died from a unseen mental illness, he noticed changes in the brain tissue. Her symptoms memory loss, language problems, and changes in her behavior. Which today is more commonly symptoms of Alzheimer…show more content…
Today there is still no cure for Alzheimer 's disease. Clinical trials: a scientifically controlled study of the safety and effectiveness of a therapeutic agent (as a drug or vaccine) using consenting human subjects. Trial Match helps the Alzheimer 's Association with matching patients and their loved ones with medical experts exploring possible Alzheimer 's and dementia treatments. Participating in clinical trails helps move research forward, without clinical trials there could be no prevention, and no cure. According to the Alzheimer 's Association website there are more then one hundred and thirty activity enrolled Alzheimer 's clinical trials with more then fifty thousand volunteers. During the Obama administration a goal was set to find a cure by 2030. Researchers from universities, private companies, and governments from other country 's are all working together to find a cure. Researchers are trying to figure out if a known molecule from a plant called Jimson Weed could help with the treatment of Alzheimer 's. With possibly new treatments that only means patients need to be

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