How Alzheimer's Changed My Life Essay

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In my sophomore year of high school, I had the opportunity to make a real change in the world. My 10th grade English teacher gave us an assignment to chose a organization of our choosing that is helping a cause that we feel needs more attention. We were then told that we would have to present our cause to a small group of people and try and convince them to support our cause financially. I saw this as the best opportunity to actually walk through life and know that I actually changed something in the world for the better. I also saw it as an opportunity that I could feel accomplished about. We were given the choice to choose our partners and I chose my best friend, who was in the same class. After a few hours, him and I agreed on Alzheimer’s.…show more content…
We found Alzheimer 's Services Of The East Bay (ASEB). A major goal of ASEB is to make life easier & more enjoyable for victims of Alzheimer’s, to give families hope, and to provide therapy whether it be a victim of Alzheimer’s or someone who is related to someone with Alzheimer’s. It definitely was not easy. After countless hours of building a power point and a script, my partner and I finally had a presentation we could present. After the presentation, my partner and I were relieved that it was finally done. After a few weeks, I received an unexpected text from my teacher. I opened up the text message and found out that the founders liked our presentation and funded my organization for $75! This instantly made me feel content with my high school life. Reminiscing about this makes me really happy. It makes me feel like I actually have had an impact in this world. I feel that every student should have the opportunity to do this kind of work because it can be distributed through the course of a
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