How Are German Americans Treated Unfairly

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German Americans were treated quite unfairly during WWI. Even though German Americans had moved to America, they were still judged based on their background and stereotype. Posters depicted German soldiers as monsters and beasts from their homeland. The degrading word, Huns, also became a popular term for the German immigrants. Since the German Americans wanted the United States to stay neutral during the war, their lack of support went against the great rise of patriotism throughout the country. This had later evolved into discrimination towards the Germans. Orchestras would refuse to play any pieces by German composers, and German measles had become known as "Liberty Measles." Sometimes serious actions were brought among German Americans.…show more content…
Both groups of people were automatically classified with the sinister acts and people of their land, and weren 't given chances to be known as individual people. I feel that the treatment of the German Americans was slightly worse, since it happened at an earlier era, and there wasn 't as many laws and protection towards immigrants as there is now. I do believe that Islam and Arab Americans are treated extremely unfairly with unnecessary precautions in current today, especially since the government was much more developed and morally right than it was earlier. In conclusion, both German Americans and Islam and Arab Americans were treated in similar, harsh and unreasonable ways. It 's quite ironic that the people of the United States discriminate against people just because of where they came from, even though the people of America have committed a mass genocide which nearly killed off a total race. Immigrants were seen as a whole, and not individual people with different beliefs and morals. It is truly a sad and unhuman thing to do, and as Eric Kaemmerer stated, "With all the hate crimes, it seems that regular Americans inspire terror just as well #"Arab

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