Lord Of The Flies Good Vs Evil Essay

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“The line between good and evil is permeable and almost anyone can be induced to cross it when pressured by situational forces.” (Phillip Zombardo) William Golding, the author of a well known book, “Lord of the Flies”, beliefs what Phillip Zombardo said about good and evil. According to the book he wrote, he thinks that humans can very easily cross the line between good and evil. In the book, there is a group of boys that their ages range gets stranded on an island and they have to survive. But as time goes along, evil started to overwhelm them by situational forces. Therefore, they become like savage dogs and only think about killing. A beast rises with them and forces get worse. The boys become naturally evil and savages as their journey continues. That is why human naturally lie and the truth is not first. And that is obvious when he…show more content…
But it happens to be that it exploded right at the time where the last non savage dies. The author puts it there to show that they have crossed the line between good and evil. And again at the time, World War 2 and the Cold War were going on. So he wrote this to show that the world was slowly falling over to the evil side really easily. But it was quite easy for evil to rise, like in the book. So he uses this to show how easily evil can break order if you let it be more powerful. Which is the conch being exploded because of the savages. Most people say thought that piggy dropped it so it was not the savages problem. But it is, if they had not fallen to evil, than they would have not tried to kill other people. And then the order would have been kept and the conch would have not be exploded. And it is very obvious that it was possible to stay not savage. Piggy, who was attacked did not turn into a savage. One reason, he was one of the few who did not play the game. So it is not his fault, he in the first place, is one of the couple that have not crossed the line between good and
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