How Are Puritan Literature And Native Americans Similar

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The Differences and Similarities between Native American and Puritan Literature
Native American and Puritan Literature have their own distinct culture and traditions. They also incorporate it into their literature. Puritan literature was mostly passed down through sermons, diaries, journals, and poems. Native Americans were indigenous people of the Americas and their literature was traditional oral and written. Both Native Americans and Puritan Literature have similar elements of culture, such as religion, beliefs, and morals. Even though they share common ideas, they are quite different, for example, their stories were passed on differently.
Native Americans are indigenous natives of the Americas. Their literature incorporated culture with a written language and oral tradition that captured their ideals. For example, stories,
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First of all, each culture believed in a God. The Native American religion believed that God created the world with his own hands. The Puritans believed in a similar concept, in which God made the earth. Both believed that God is a single, distinct leader, who has placed us on this earth to please him. They persuade it through their literature. Both cultures believed that mankind is both from Earth and nature. They both believed that doing well in this world would allow passage to a greater place. Though they might have had a lot in common, they had many differences. For example, Native Americans passed down their stories by word of mouth from generation to generation through stories, songs, and poems. Puritans passed their stories on differently than the Native Americans did. The Puritans passed their stories on through sermons, religious stories, narratives, diaries, journals, and religious poems. Another difference is that the Puritans based their literature on the Bible, church, and religion, and the Native Americans based their literature on nature, earth, and
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