How Are Romeo And Juliet Different

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Would William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet be the same if Juliet’s love towards Romeo were different? Two families are feuding, and their kids fall in love but the family feud makes their love become a secret affair but they will do anything to be together. Juliet Capulet one of the main characters, she is very young she is just thirteen when she falls in love with Romeo Montague an older man. People change people; Juliet starts changing her opinion and actions towards love throughout the book after meeting Romeo. After Romeo and Juliet kiss, Juliet’s opinion and actions towards love change, therefore creating the plot. Loyalty is one of the things that keep love strong; we can see Juliet stay loyal to Romeo when he kills Tybalt. Juliet weeps for her dead cousin, even after she knows Romeo killed Tybalt; she still loves Romeo and wants to see him again. “ O, by this count I shall be much in years Ere I again behold my Romeo!” (Shakespeare 60). This quote shows that Juliet’s love hasn’t lessened, and she knows she will have to wait till she is older to see Romeo again. She is telling Romeo that she will wait those years for him. Juliet is very young and she is already showing more loyalty to Romeo after knowing him for two days than most adults do after being married for years. This shows the…show more content…
Determination, loyalty, and rebellion are the actions of Juliet’s love that drive the plot. Juliet is young but she is so mature in her love towards Romeo, she met Romeo at night then the next day she marries him, which is totally opposite of what her feelings were before. Her loyalty and determination to be with Romeo is stronger than many adults. Without Juliet’s determination, loyalty and rebellion, Romeo and Juliet’s love story might have been written and ended up way
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