How Are The Minor Characters Used To Convey The Theme Of Isolation

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IB Diploma Lang A: Literature Written Assignment “How are the minor characters used to convey the theme of isolation physically and emotionally in The Outsider?” Words: 1509 ‘The Outsider’, a novel by Albert Camus illustrates the philosophical ideas of Existentialism and Absurdism. Existentialism is the belief that life has no meaning and is based only on coincidences (Mastin, 2008). Absurdism is the belief that the universe is irrational and meaningless and human beings are always in conflict with it (Merriam-Webster, 2014). The novel is about a man called Meursault whose mother died and he did not grieve at her funeral. In the latter part of the book, the jury used this incident to his trial, which he was convicted of murdering an Arab…show more content…
Robots are objects that move in certain ways that are distinguishable and unique compared to normal people, which suggests that robots are alienated from humans because they are different. The fact that the woman did not converse with Meursault during the whole meal also symbolizes isolation. Also, the woman was also classified as an outsider because she moved mechanically which is peculiar to the community and she also emphasized Meursault’s seclusion to the public. Isolation is the state of being alone or not feeling wanted by anyone (Macmillandictionary, 2009-2014). Camus uses several minor characters that are elderly to portray the feeling of remoteness and solitude. A statement said by Old Salamano emphasizes that old age would leave you alone because there is no remedy for…show more content…
Camus also commented about the treatment of the elderly by their loved ones as being replaceable and this furthers supports the idea of existentialism. Camus also commented on how a religious community is fully based on religion and that anyone that counteracts this is not accepted to be right. In my opinion, this novel is really well made to achieve its purpose to allow the readers reflect on the social issue and to raise the philosophy of existentialism. Personally, this book really made me open-minded about life and made me question some of my

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