How Are The Native Americans Different From The Spanish

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Native Americans, French, Spanish, and English The Native Americans were the first to settle in America. Their culture was developed more for survival than enjoyment. They migrated from the area that is known as Asia. There were many different tribes located in America. Although the Native Americans had a strong adaption to the environment, they did not adapt well when different settlers started to explore America. They had to learn how to deal with the French, Spanish and English settlers on their land. The French relations with the Natives didn’t have much conflict although, the French caused some arguments in between different tribes. They settled in Louisiana in the 1670’s. The French settled along rivers. They brought Jesuit missionaries…show more content…
They were around the Florida, Georgia area and the New Mexico area. The Spanish used the natives for their knowledge of the land around them to find gold. They also tried to convert them to Catholicism. The Spanish, like the French, married the native women. In 1506, the Spaniards overthrew the leaders of the tribe and forced the Indians to work. They considered themselves to be superior to the natives because the natives didn’t understand the value of their gold. The Spaniards thought the natives weren’t as smart as them because of
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