How Are The Witches Shown In Macbeth

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King James VI, king of Scotland, ascended to the throne of England after the death of Queen Elizabeth I. This act united Scotland and England under one rule. While King James was alive, He was interested in the world of witchcraft and wrote a book about the subject called Daemonologie. In Macbeth Shakespeare uses Macbeth and his misunderstanding of the fates as a representation of King James and his misconception of witches and their true nature. Most people thought that Shakespeare’s Macbeth was written as praise and in honor of King James. In all reality, Shakespeare used his play to show people the injustice of innocent women being slaughtered because of the King’s obsession over witches. The character Macbeth is a representation of the corruption of that day. Throughout the play, Macbeth views the witches as the fates, the three goddesses that control each person’s destiny in Greek mythology. In Act…show more content…
Because of King James’ Daemonlogie, most people in the 16th century had a skewed view of witches. Many people misunderstand whether the weird sisters in Macbeth are witches or the fates. Weird sisters refer themselves in the text as witches. In Act I Scene III, the witches are conversing about their encounter with the sailor’s wife, she says, “ 'Aroint thee, witch” (104). Also when casting a spell, in Act IV Scene I. the wicked sisters put in their cauldron a “witches mummy” (1713). The wicked sisters are easily to be identified as witches and their true nature is revealed. Those that deal with witchcraft have given up their claim to either masculinity or femininity. True witches use the duel gender roles to take the fertility of their victims, but only to those who fall for the tricks. True evil is shown in the play Macbeth and Shakespeare wanted the people, especially King James, to understand and recognize an actual witch in hopes of stopping the brutal murders of guiltless
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