How Are Tom Robinson And Bob Ewell Alike

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The Novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee was very informative. It included two unique characters, Tom Robinson and Bob Ewell.
Tom Robinson was one of the best characters in my opinion. Bob Ewell was not one of the best. Tom and Bob are similar in many ways. One similarity is that they are both poor and not very wealthy. Tom was just a nicer poor and Bob wasn’t at all compared to Tom.
Tom and Bob also had a lot of differences on some sides. An example is how selfish Bob is, he made his own daughter lie for him on a real court case. Tom Robinson on the other hand, would do anything for anyone. Tom did lots chores and favors for Mayella Ewell, for no pay at all. You could even tell they are different by how they talk, Tom always said “Sir” and “yes” instead just “yeah!” For example on page 206 chapter 15, Tom said to Atticus “Mr. Finch?” A soft husky voice came from the darkness “They gone?”
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Tom finished his work in a short amount of time and was always busy. It showed how lazy Bob was, when he didn’t even know how many kids he had. They both had wives, but now Bob is a widow. It just shows how different they both are.
What if Tom won the case? Bob Ewell would have been voted guilty, and his daughter told the complete truth about the case. I think that could have ended racism with the whole town. These two characters are also important to the story, because they teach really big lessons to all readers about Tom and Bob and all of the similarities and differences. Harper Lee used the characters ultimately against racism, and hoping that could change
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