How Bad Are E-Cigarettes Essay

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How bad are e-cigarettes/vapour smokes? Everybody thinks that e vapour smokes are good but they aren’t at all. Vapour smokes are bad for you but they don’t have as much chemicals in them as tobacco smokes. There is different kinds of flavours so you can enjoy what you’re smoking. But the smokes still have nicotine in which makes it addictive. The e-cigarettes industry has almost out sold the regular smoke industry in under a decade. Think about it how long cigarettes have been selling for and now e-cigarettes have been selling for. People have been chewing and smoking tobacco for 2000 years and now under ten years e-smokes are out ruling the regular cigarettes business. There are already 460 brands of vapour smokes. Do people really think it’s better for you, would you like to have a rash or a burning sensation on your face or have bloody nose issues after you try to quit the e cigarette? I know I wouldn’t. What is the drawing card for these the flavors that you can buy or is it that they have less chemicals. But they still have the chemical that makes you most addictive nicotine. I thought that’s what we needed to decrease in cigarettes. The drawn card for all the e cigarettes were to remove all the blackening lung products but it is really evening out in…show more content…
People are starting to smoke the e cigarettes in public transportation, public worksites, and in smoke free areas. Cla is starting to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in smoke free areas and even more areas in the public. Do to the research that there finding out from the second hand smoke from e-cigarettes there are two toxic chemicals that they found in the smoke and they are formaldehyde, and benzene. Those two chemicals are linked to the cancer in regular cigarettes. Why would they put those chemicals in the e-cigarette, would it not taste right? Would less people buy the e
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