How Bullying Affects People

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Bullying Now on the 21st century technology is already used everyday of our lives and one person 's words or actions can hurt others even you do not mean to hurt that person. Many times there bystanders who see bullying happen but do not do anything .Because bullying is happening in today 's world it impacts a lot of people. Bullies is any person who can intimidate ,or torment another individual because they get power out of it. The number one reason why people bully other is because they have seen it done. Consequently when you live in a house with an abusive family member ,and the victim allows the behavior to continue you are telling your children that bullying is…show more content…
There are many signs that someone is being affected by bullying.AT first the person becomes very private such as not really taking as much as they usually do.Then the victim typicals tends to shut every one as a result of them feeling like no one can do help stop the bully. When bullying is happening to a child the common the child does is they don not tell their parents in fear of it will only make it worse. Bullying affects people mentally because the victim usally wants it to stop but they just do not know how. Do not be afraid to ask question sometimes a lost of interest is just not a phase of children growing up. Low- self esteem is another mentally effect this is when majority of the time the victim starts to believe what the bully say to them like your stupid,you are ugly ,or the worst your life means nothing. Bullying is one of the main causes of suicide due to the fact that technology made cyberbullying this when people bully through the internet.Victims of bullies are always in some way unequal in some making them sadly an easy target.For instance some bullies will chose disabled kids to pick on because someone they think that disabled people can not stop them .Also if you were in elementary school ,and you where the smart one in class you usually were picked on because others were jealous of you. All people think is that words cannot hurt people but in reality they can

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