How Can Blackfish Be Focused On Killer Whales In Captivity?

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The documentary “Blackfish” focused on killer whales in captivity, specifically Tilikum; a wild orca who was caught and exposed to captivity and its environment which eventually lead him to violently turn on his trainers at SeaWorld and even took some of their lives. This documentary examines how the difference from living in sea life to captivity can cause these whales and orcas to live up to their names. Blackfish discusses and argues how life in captivity for these whales is cruel and dangerous, not only for the whales but for their trainers as well.
The information throughout this documentary was all painful to watch in my view, but it also had a positive approach. After watching, I learned several facts I did not know and proof on the informative they gave. This allows the public to learn more about captivity and the truth on what really goes on behind the scenes of SeaWorld’s “innocent” shows. Another positive side to the topic is people really can learn to appreciate nature and have more
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Numerous people agree that SeaWorld should be shut down so that the breeding of the orcas will end and stop the parks from growing. Blackfish exposes SeaWorld during the documentary for separating a young orca from its mother because it was not performing the way SeaWorld desired it to. The audience was present when the mother orca separated herself and cried for her baby. This is one of many cons that Blackfish reveals about Whales in captivity. These whales are repeatedly at risk as they are being put and stuck inside small tanks for long hours, and being punished or starved if they do not perform tasks or tricks a certain way. SeaWorld also makes collapsed dorsal fins seem natural to the public, when really they earn them from being in

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