How Can Huck Finn Be Independent

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Mark Twain who is the author of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was a great writer/ journalist. Twain has written 28 books, lectures, and essay. He was voted as America 's first celebrity. Twain did a great job capturing America 's attention. In Twain 's school days he didn 't know anything about slavery so he didn 't think anything bad about it. One of Twain 's main characters whose name is Huck Finn was a boy who grew up in the slavery times. Huck grew up without any parents, his dad was a drunk and who knows where his mother was. He traveled home to home but he’s been living in a stable house with Ms.Watson who was taking care of him. This book should be read by future students because it brings up certain ideas like being able to stand up for what you believe in, making difficult decisions on your own, and learning how to be independent. All three of these were presented by Huck, he expressed all of these ideas. Huck changes on his…show more content…
Huck’s journey down the river teaches him how to be independent because he shows he is capable of surviving on his own. For instance when his father Pap kidnapped him and was abusing him Huck knew that he needed to escape. He says, “I made up my mind, I would fix up some way to leave to leave there.(23) Huck escapes and fakes his death so no one would come looking for him. Huck makes it seem like he was actually killed and dumped into a river. Huck says, “Alright, I thought now they will think my body is in the river.”(28) This shows that Huck’s independent because he not only escapes his on his own, he was smart enough to make it look like he died. Another example that shows how Huck is independent is at the beginning of the chapter when he escaped and he needed to survive on his own. He built his own tent and he catches fish to eat. “I made a tent out of all my blankets… I caught catfish and haggled him open with my saw.”(30) This shows that Huck knows how to survive on his own, and how he’s learning how to be
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