How Can Peace Lead To War

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Can peace lead to war Peace what does it mean? Some people say it means a war is over. But during World War 1 peace meant a different meaning. Some people ask what did president Woodrow mean by peace without victory? What is the treaty of Versailles? What did Germany lose by signing the treaty of Versailles? These are all questions that will be answered throughout this paper. I believe that peace doesn 't have to lead to war. What did president Woodrow mean when he said peace without victory? Some people believe that his meaning of peace without a victory was there can be no peace with war. He is saying that as long as there is war then there can be no peace. What he is saying is that if there is a victory in a war that means there is also a loser. With a winner and a loser then only one of the countries will have peace. Even with the winner having peace then they still have lost a lot of people in the war so there really is no winner in war. What president Woodrow meant by peace without war was if there is no winner or loser then we will all agree and all have peace. President Woodrow said, “Victory…show more content…
What is the treaty of Versailles? The treaty of Versailles was supposed to be a solution for war. It was supposed to make all countries at war sign this and solve their differences. It was supposed to make all the countries repay all their debt and make everyone have peace. But some countries did not agree to all of the proposals on the treaty. Germany one of the main reasons for the treaty did not like that they were blamed for World War 1 and that they had to pay for all of the cost. At first, Germany didn 't want to pay for all of there cost. Some people might say people could claim that Germany was able to pay off their debts but chose not to. This may have been true but if they chose to it would sacrifice a lot for Germany their economy would crash and their people would starve so Germany could but in the proses they would also ruin Germany 's country as a
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