How Can Police Brutality Become A Huge Problem In America?

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hree African American boys walking down the street enjoying a beautiful, spring night. They are best friends whom have all gone to school together since elementary school now in high school together. They are enjoying their senior year, about to graduate from high school but little do they know they won 't even have the opportunity to do that and to be successful in their life. A cop pulls up and yells, “hands up!” they look around confused, wondering if he was talking to them or not. When they realize there is no one else around, they freeze. Police brutality is becoming a huge problem in America because, police don’t know when to pull the trigger therefore needing better training, which would then cause innocent people to stop dying, and police are supposed to protect not kill. First, police need better training so they know when to actually pull the trigger or not. Sometimes, police think that you are armed just based on the color of your skin. Watching the news has made this more apparent than ever, white policemen are killing black teens,…show more content…
As the boys stand there frozen not sure what to do one of the police in the car starts to get outside and pull his gun. The boys are unarmed and innocent. The cop shoots down one of the boys as the other police pulls his gun and starts to shoot down the other boys. The police then get in their car and call for 911. The day of the court comes and the jury find the policeman not guilty because they were protecting themselves. However, the police while investigating the incident police never found a gun with or near the boys. The jury didn’t care they just wanted to keep the police protected so we had protection. Police, therefore, need better training. If there would have had better training, they would have known the boys were unarmed. Also, police are killing innocent people who are just enjoying their daily lives. Lastly, killing people has become such a trend in America that many people fear to even walk out their

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