How Can Pollution Affect The Environment In A Hospital Environment

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This assignment is to explain to you how several numbers of things can affect and compromise the safety of patients, public and staff in a hospital environment and environment outside the hospital. However, if preventions and precautions are not taken fully care of, undesired consequences will occur. All accidents, whether intended or unintended must be avoided at all cost.
Natural Environment
How can natural environment pose a threat to us? One situation is whereby the hospital is built on an uneven landscape. A healthy and well-preserved natural environment can help in prevention of global warming. Global warming in general involves everyone. Hospital with high emissions of harmful gas can lead and contribute to global warming. Weather conditions affect the working environment in hospital. Strong heat and light from the sun, shining through glass can cause the ignition of fire which poses a threat to everyone safety. Another occurrence that would happen, would be heavy downpour which causes flood if drains are blocked and not filtered properly.
Chemicals and Drugs
Chemicals and Drugs is another potential threat that can cause major problems. Chemicals can pose a threat as some chemicals are flammable and colorless gas like ethylene oxide. Exposure of this gas to human must be kept at low as possible. If precaution is not taken, when the unsafe level is not detected, hospital personnel will inhale this harmful and toxic gas.
There are drugs that are hazardous

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