How Can We Stop Water Pollution Essay

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Can we stop polluting the water?
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In this essay I am going to talk about whether we can stop polluting the water and I chose it because we are killing lots of living organisms. We pollute the water by using pesticides, producing acid rain, heat and petroleum. Polluting will make the destruction of ecosystems so that means that all the animals would not have a place to live so they would die have less drinkable water and we only have 4% but in that 4% 3,9933 are in the poles so we only have 0.00067 of drinkable water.
As you see there is very little sugary water and that can harm as, the rest of the water is salty so we cannot drink it.
What is
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Because we are killing lots of animals and plants and they are like us if we do not want that for as. Why for them? That is not nice, all the pollution that we are creating are going for the air and for the water. Animals are suffering lots because of as. If we try to stop the pollution we will be helping them and that will be good for us too because we all like to drink water and if we pollute it we will not have more left.

How can we stop water pollution
Try to not use chemicals on your house. Like that you can help with this problem but you can still clean your house with some other stuff.
Dispose waste properly. If you do not recycle some of the rubbish can go to the sea and that can pollute and if you throw something like plastic that is difficult to break down so that will pollute more
Do not throw medicines on the toilet. As you know chemicals are bad and medicines are made of chemicals and if you throw them to the toilet the chemical can go to the sea or lakes and you can kill animals or even pollute the drinkable water
Try not to use the toilet as a wastebasket. If you throw lots of paper and things to the toilet and they are difficult to break they will pollute

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