How Car Ownership Changed In UK From 1971 To 2007

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The line graph shows data on how car ownership changed in UK in the period from 1971 to 2007 . Overall, it is evident that there were significant changes in over 36 years since 1971; there were more and more families owning cars. The percentage of car household increased from 52% to 75% in the studied period. In 1971, the percentage of no-car household, one-car household, two-car household, equal or more than three-car household were 47%, 44%, 8% and 1% respectively. However, that number changed in 2007. In 2007, about 75% of Britishes owning car in which 7% was of households who possessed more and than three cars, 26% was of two-car household and 44% was of one-car household. Besides,the number of families who had no car decreased to 25%.
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