Essay On How Cell Phones Changed Society

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Cell Phones and How They Have Changed Society Technology is always advancing and changing society as it becomes present in the changing world. The recent application of mobile devices into today 's society has changed the future. Cell phones have become a part of our everyday lives. Cell phone usage, abuse towards others, and cell phones in schools are major issues today in our teenage society. Text messaging through cell phones has affected teenage literacy. Text messaging, also known as SMS, is the most convenient use of communication through cell phones because of how quick and cheap it is. Textish is a quicker form of text language within text messaging adopted by teenagers made up of abbreviations and symbols. Many purists, teachers,…show more content…
Schools are considering if cell phones should be banned from classrooms. Cell phones disrupt classes and distract students. Text messaging can be used for cheating. Cameras can be used for cheating or inappropriate uses in locker rooms. Rumored violence has disrupted schools and decreased attendance due to fears of rumored violence. Cell phones have been used by students nationwide for calling on bomb threats to schools. Even during a tragedy cell phones can cause a less safe environment. The use of cell phones could potentially detonate a bomb. Cell phones often disrupt classes in schools and could even become a major threat. They also often distract students from preparing for class. The average teenager sends between 50 and 100 text messages a day and 84% of teenagers with cell phones sleep with! next to or on top of their cell phones. Only about 20 percent of teenagers are getting the 9-10 hours of sleep that are recommended. Limited sleep results in poor performance in school, and a higher chance of becoming ill. Cell phones often lead to limited sleep and poor performance at school. Professors and other educators could use cell phones to improve teenage education. Schools have the opportunity to use cell phones as a part of education. With 82% of American teenagers owning cell phones, these mobile devices can be implemented into the school systems
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