How Cheerleading Is A Sport

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Men and Women, boys and girls all can participate in this event, bloomers, bows, and megaphones are just a few things most think of when they hear the term cheerleading. Cheerleading as a lot of rich history when it comes to sporting events, cheerleading was easily found in most high schools by the 1960’s. It has played a side by side role along with football for numerous of years starting out for some schools as just a pep squad to forming a team. There are lots of different things that can be accomplished during cheerleading whether in their own competitive events or at a game, they can tumble, stunt, and even dance. But the true question is, is cheer. Sporting events have been the central focus for many family lives for several centuries…show more content…
My first criteria being that a sport must be a physical activity is a major thing that defines a sport in my opinion. A physical activity is a very general set up, basically by this it is meant that anything that you as the participant does must be done physically whether you are running, throwing, kicking or jumping. Those are just three qualities that can describe a physical activity. In cheerleading you put out just as much as you want like anything you do in life, the physical aspect of cheerleading differs with squads and level of experience/capability. A typical cheerleading squad will consist of team members ranging in abilities, some can be classified as tumblers, jumpers, or even fliers. Cheerleaders today must have a skill set where one must either have the strength needed in football, the poise and grace needed in dance, and the agility of gymnasts (Elliott). Some specific terms that cheerleaders use that involve physical activity include; toe touch, backhand spring, herky. Not only do cheerleaders demonstrate physical activity by those things but also their stunts. There are some squads who have a “base” girl who will assist the “flier” up in the air who from there does several different things. The flier and either be thrown “pike” and do a move or connect with another flier and do a big stunt. The whole time the “flier” is up the “base” is either holding the “flier” or preparing to catch the
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