How Chi Omega Changed My Life

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When I initially signed my bid for Chi Omega, I had no idea the impact that it would have on my life. As a junior, I was much older than a majority of the girls in my pledge class, and even the sorority. Thankfully it didn’t make a difference in our connections and I felt that I had finally found my home. I knew that I had made a decision that would make a huge effect on my life in so many different ways. The first improvement Chi Omega has made in my life is academic. To begin with, I can remember that having four hours of study hall a week was overwhelming with everything else I had to do. Over time though I became grateful for the requirement that I actually had to sit down and focus for a little while and not multitask on several different projects. I found that I was much more organized because I was setting time aside to plan while putting away all other distractions.…show more content…
I was already in a scholarship program that requires a lot of volunteer hours, but I was mainly spending them elsewhere. Chi Omega not only gives me the opportunity to take part in activities on campus, but also helps me gain experience in helping plan events. Although all of the required events are somewhat daunting, I have so much enjoyed the busy whirlwind of this semester with my sisters. Also, getting involved with my community has been such a rewarding process. Whether it was volunteering at Abba’s Tables or helping with Make-A-Wish, my heart is full from giving back with my fellow Chi
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