How Communication Skills Are Used In Health And Social Care Essay

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Task 1 Explore how communication skills are used in health and social care (L01) A1. Explain both incident in terms of humanistic, behaviourist and cognitive theories of communication. Humanistic theory is reflect in each individual as unique and is base on personal central approach which is putting the client at the first place in order to meet their needs effectively. Humanistic does not allow carer workers to label or pratronise the client, although humanistic enables to follow the principles of care in order to maintain dignity, respect, promoting choice and independence, respecting privacy and rights. Carer workers should apply active listening skills to the client in order to avoid misunderstands. The client should be given choices (respect by being gentle, kind, respect, love, etc.) Referring to the case study; incident 1,…show more content…
In order to deal with those two situations, I should apply listening skills with mean calm down the situation by asking the service users and the visitors to go to a quite place in order to know about what happen and promise them that it will never happen again. After deal with them, I also allow the receptionist to express herself then I will tell her that i was not happy about her inappropriate behaviour which was lack of person centered approach and bad practice. 1. First of all my suggestion would be verbal communication techniques and non verbal communication; verbal communication could be one to one communication this form of communication involved 2 or more people or group communication. These techniques could improve each situation by minimising bad practice occurs. for example if the receptionist spoke to the elderly visitor calmly using appropriate tone of voice and allowing appropriate space this would allow her to understand needs and difficulty that the old lady

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