How Could You Manage To Survive The Holocaust?

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Imagine being stuck inside a warehouse for two years and a half with no sunlight, no fresh air, and not making any noise from 8am to 8pm. Could you live with knowing that the Nazis can find you and kill you at any moment? Can you manage to live with only rotten potatoes, beans, and bread to eat pretty much every day? Just try to picture you and your family going through this for two and a half years. That’s just what the Jewish Holocaust was. During World War II, Jews were despised by Germans, Christians, and mostly Nazis. They were also blamed for the loss of World of War I. Despite that, some Jewish people fought back, some hid away for years, and yet most of them still die. So could you manage to survive the holocaust? Well, then see some of the things the families had to live with every day for two years or more.

One of the things that the Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel had to live with was the small living they had to make due with. For the Van Daans, they had the kitchen or dining room as their room. So every night they had to sleep where the kitchen was and where the food was made. Peter’s room was worse, however, he had to sleep on the landing underneath the stairs, which is equivalent to that of a closet. Peter
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All they had was rotten potatoes, beans, and bread to eat every day. So there were no favorable or enjoyable food for them to eat, in fact, it was just so disgusting for them to eat that sometimes they would throw it up. And just to make it worse, Mr Van Daan was caught stealing bread just for himself. Pretty selfish of him, considering that they had little food to make due with in the first place Before that crisis, the families had to divide the food or rations up evenly by 8 people. Think about that, they have barely any food, but still had to divide the food up by 8 people? Could you possibly imagine the horrors of starvation like
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