How Did 1970-1960s Promote African American Culture

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• African Americans – The cultural transition from the 1970-1960 promoting African Americans literature, was also a musical and vocal movement for a culture coming of age after the liberation of slavery. The fierce anxiety of post-Civil War racism created a “voice” through artistic creativity, making a deliberate statement of the status of America through African American eyes. The timelines show artist telling a story of character and circumstance. • Asian Americans – The timelines showed advancement in music, literature and theatrical fields. They also showed more popularity of this sub-culture during the last fifty years. I drew a conclusion that it was coincided with the Civil Rights Movement and the development of ethnic curriculum within modern American society. The timelines indicated the popularity of Asian movies and music artists coincided with technology and worldwide sales opportunities. • Latinx Americans – I see a direct link between the blended transformation of hundreds of years of Spanish, African, and the indigenous Hispanic cultures. Understanding the dire need for being American, yet holding on their Hispanic roots, Latino art (in many forms) transitioned within many “movements”. The timelines (especially Kat Moulton’s) showed this direct link with the Constructivist, Chicano Art, and Modernism movements. •…show more content…
Not until the past one hundred years did Native American basketry, beadwork, instruments, paintings and music become appreciated and valued. The art of storytelling recently is in literary (written) form, demonstrating the desperate need to preserve and protect the unique artistry that the Native American community has in American History. The timelines indicate the valued art work starting around 1900. The deeply enriched culture is visually seen in the timeline
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